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Books & Cupcakes June Book Photo Challenge

Day Twenty One: Library/Bookstore

The King’s English. It’s the best little independent bookstore in Salt Lake City. It’s the reason I get the chance to meet so many incredible authors.

It used to be an old house. There are tiny rooms stashed with books, tons of little nooks and corners and the friendliest staff. The roses in front of their newsletter? They were trimming a rose bush outside and put them in the vase while I was there.

One of my favorite spots in the store is the Mystery room. It’s where the authors sign. It just always looks so cozy and inviting. <3

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[Gun noises]

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this is the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black do nOT FUCKING ARGUE WITH ME

I want to live in it.

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Anonymous asked: what's the craziest thing you've ever done?



i got accused of stealing a pair of shoes once and then got sent to this camp where i had to dig holes to build character as my punishment and while i was there i ran away in search for my friend who also ran away and broke my family’s curse

"Do you like Cal?"

"Yeah, a long time ago, I liked him very much."

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he never said ‘no’

Cobra Bubbles. SHIELD Agent. The end. 

I don’t picture Cobra Bubbles being just any SHIELD Agent. I picture him being Nick Fury before he lost his eye and before he became Director. Cobra Bubbles was his code name while undercover.

Nick Fury’s code name would absolutely be Cobra Bubbles. No one will convince me otherwise.


Let’s not forget the scene where one of his sunglass lenses pops out.



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